Jellypop is a line of stylish footwear laced with flirty details and feminine patterns that is perfect for the dynamic lifestyle of our always on-the-go Jellypop girl. Our shoes consistently deliver on high-quality craftsmanship and on-trend designs that are comfortable and versatile to wear. Our line includes gladiator sandals, casual and dress shoes, wedges, and boots - all chic enough to be a must-have staple in any girl's closet!

Jellypop is created by a team of designers who are passionate about art, culture, and fashion. In fact, Jellypop designers often travel abroad to study the latest fashions and ensure that our shoes are always on top of the hottest trends. They are also intimately involved with the fit and make of each shoe. Each designer not only personally wears and tests each shoe design for comfort and style, they also travel to our factories to design onsite.

The fashion industry is known for its fickleness, but with teamwork, creativity, and expertise all rolled into each shoe, it is no wonder that Jellypop never go out of fashion!



Jennet Chow has spent most of her life in the shoe industry. As a child she remembers growing up around her family’s business of selling shoes, helping her parents at local swap meets. She continued to help build her parent’s company into an enterprise, even as she worked to finish her BA at UCLA in Psychology and then as she studied fashion and business at FIDM.

In 2009, she further expanded by creating Evolution Design Lab - an energetic, socially responsible venture dedicated to real women and girls - and launched the Jellypop brand. With a background in fashion, art, business, and psychology as well as being a mother of three, Jennet understood the need for a shoe that many different types of women would love, and the need to create a line that could seamlessly cater to the ever changing mood of the Jellypop girl.

It was also important that the shoes could carry over to different generations; a shoe her daughter would love, that she could borrow, and that was practical for day-to-day activities of their lives. Jellypop was the solution.

Today Jellypop continues to provide fresh, youthful styles that are comfortable, affordable, and of high quality.

In keeping with Jennet’s vision, Evolution Design Lab and Jellypop put special emphasis on philanthropy and community involvement. Jellypop was started in one of the toughest economic years in retail history 2009 and hopes to be an inspiration to people to stand up for what they believe in. Be strong, persistent, and passionate for what you love to do.

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 Jennet Chow